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Welcome | A Cancer Survival Methodology



Rob’s Bio: A 19+ year veteran/survivor of a rare, aggressive and incurable cancer with an 18 month mortality. Since 2004 against his cancer he has had direct 'combat' experience across several treatment regimens, including:

  • Numerous mis-diagnosis

  • Clinical trials, FDA-approved and ad-hoc

  • Chemos and biologic treatments

  • Radiation, surgeries and 'Watch & See'

Today he connects with cancer patients worldwide over the internet on how they can use his chronic cancer advocacy to prevail over their cancer, too.


He founded My Chronic Cancer LLC as an internet platform for cancer patients.  He has authored and published two (true-fiction) books on surviving cancer - on Amazon - that embeds the Changing Cancer's Certainty™ methodology. And he is heading development of a novel AI software system that hacks into cancer, the InSite Cancer AI System.


From 1992 to 2016 he specialized in enterprise life sciences software and FDA software compliance systems. Prior to 1992 he specialized in nuclear systems on high speed CDC and IBM computers, including with a unit of the French CEA in the UK (SIA), Europe (CISI) and the USA (PCS) and in complex scheduling systems in the USA. Prior to 1980 he was with a US aerospace firm where he specialized in large IBM database systems with clients in the USA and Canada.

Today he heads development of the InSite CancerAI System (InSite) with AI capabilities, particularly for cancers with complex sub-types and variables; development of novel adjuvant cancer treatments, particularly involving T-cell engagement with the ACT and ATM compounds; and in cancer patient advocacy involving the concept of cancer as a chronic condition. 

  "Sure wish I had read these books two years ago."

- Peter S.

Cancer: Who Gave Me Cancer?  & 
Cancer: My Cancer Never Sleeps!


Through the real true-life experiences of three cancer patients - Ping, Pong & Penn - you’ll learn how to focus your own cancer journey to build your confidence and control over your cancer.


You’ll emerge able to act as your own My Chronic Cancer Advocate


  • In cancer we need the Changing Cancer's Certainty methodology to be able to see both the trees and the forest

  • We need to know how to get the right medical team for us

  • We must be able to always engage with our medical team,    whether in relapse or in remission

  • With your own Changing Cancer's Certainty methodology you will know how to measure your progress.  No more wooden nickels!


You will have served notice that you have become a capable force against your cancer and able to Put the How Into Hope as an active member of your team, too. 


Let’s do this …

What We Do 

We apply our Changing Cancer's Certainty methodology to help cancer patients ... Put the How Into Hope


  • For cancer patients to learn how to manage their cancer as a chronic condition.

  • To enable cancer patients to return to a  quality of life.

"In cancer we can do or do not, but there is no try"

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